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  • Number of Videos: 3
  • 2015-08-17
  • 569067
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She doesn't make porn scenes. She makes love or sex with her partner. So natural, so realistic. Newcomers should watch and try to imitate her.

WHAT A WOMAN and WHAT A PERFORMER. God bless you Zoey ❤
2022-05-31 17:58
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Braff Zacklin
One of the most insanely sensual women I've seen in the adult industry. She did amazing work.
2022-03-11 03:20
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Absolutely gutted she has retired, she was so stunningly beautiful and such an amazing performer. Glad she did plenty of GFF scenes though!
2020-06-14 11:32
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My Goddess
2020-02-02 04:35
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James Morgan
Zoey Holloway is sexiest woman ever !! Falling in love !!!
2020-01-10 01:50
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